Student's Choice Presentation

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Student Topic Scheduled presentation Link presentation Report
Jonathan Bouligny Gloveone : Feel Virtual Reality Feb 6 !Report
Jakob Dozier ARKit: Augmented Reality for iOS Feb 6 Report
Fox Bolduc The Redirected Walking Toolkit Feb 6 !Report
Simon Woldemichael Nvidia's Holodeck: Photorealistic collaborative design onment in virtual reality Feb 6 Report (Good report)
Mayur Bhakta ENGAGE: social education and presentation platform Feb 8 !Report
Coe, Jordan J NextVR Feb 8 Report
Darien Sokolov SoundStage Feb 8 Report
Ge, Wenhao ImmersiveTouch: The Future of Surgical Planning and Training Feb 8 [LATE] Report
Myers, Trent Oculus Touch - Hand Presence Technology Feb 13 Report
Prerit Datta DAQRI Headsets Feb 13 Report
Athaa Bader M Alotaibi Osso VR Feb 13 Report
Im, Cheol Hwan Mira Prism AR Headset Feb 13 Report
Jessica Hao VR & AR - Goes For Gold At 2018 Winter Olympic Games Feb 13 !Report
Wesley Scott A Walk Through Dementia. Feb 15 !Report
Travis, Ahlberg Google's Tilt Brush Feb 15 Report
Reynaldo Garcia Sketch AR Art with Mixed Reality Feb 15 Report
Acosta, Michael Meta 2 AR Headset Let Us Touch and Feel Holograms Feb 15 Report
Gantaphon Chalumporn Vive Tracker Feb 15 Report
Tien Dang Varjo: The Resolution Revolution is on March 20 Report
Matthew Jordan Microsoft HoloLens March 20 Report
Xujia wu Ghostbusters: Dimension Hyper-Reality Gameplay Trailer - THE VOID March 20 Report
Lino Abiel Virgen Gracia Home- FOVE Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset March 20 Report
Thomas Sanchez Mario Kart Arcade GP VR March 22 Report (Good report)
Derek Fritz LooxidVR March 22 Report
Garcia, Eddie Avegant Headset April 3 Report
Omekam, Olisa Neurable: control VR with your mind April 3 NOT RECEIVED
Huber, Christine AR-Assisted Piano Improvisation April 3 Report
Luis Rausseo Laboratory Simulations for Educators to Empower their STEM Students April 3 Report
Amitsingh Pardeshi 360 Degree (Omnidirectional) Treadmills from Virtuix April 3 Report
Wolff, Luciano BraveMind VR April 5 Report
Blechman, Scott Quartz: News Stories in AR April 5 Report
Taylor, Megan Tribemix Virtual Reality for Dementia Care April 5 Report
Emre Unal Aero Glass April 5 Report
Cody Otterbine The Business of Virtual Reality Arcades Link Late
Manahan, Kevon Smart Cities Dive LATE (May 7)
Jijun Sui Leap Motion LATE (May 7)
David Cooper Google ARCore !Report
Joyelle A. Woodson VRgluv: Force Feedback Gloves for Virtual Reality !Report
Justin, Wright VVR Teleoperation Link Report

Example Student Choices:
Here are some example topics that students can select from for their presentations:
Topic Link
Roto VR – Interactive Virtual Reality Chair
Roto VR enables its users to explore in all possible directions and discover the gravitational presence in a VR environment. Roto has been specifically designed for all HMDs. Instead of just using the headset to navigate around a space, the motorized chair allows one to rotate and turn in the virtual environment. This feature makes it perfect for coordination meetings or navigating through a space.
360 Degree (Omnidirectional) Treadmills
The treadmill I will be covering in depth is the Virtuix Omni, while comparing it to other existing treadmill solutions. The idea behind these treadmills in general is that a user is held (usually at the waist /chest) to insure they don't fall over when moving around. The Omni treadmill has little friction to enable the user to walk/run in any direction when used with the appropriate shoes and shoe trackers. The curvature of the treadmill makes it so that the user is moved towards the center when they are moving around. It simulates the movements in games/applications, even when the movements are running, walking or just crouching. Other systems such as Vue VR even support jumping on top of the other movements. The nice thing about the Virtuix Omni and similar systems is how little room they consume, just like treadmills at a gym, where you can have multiple side by side (as shown below).
Birdly – Ultimate Dream of Flying
a full-body virtual reality flight simulator that uses multi-hinged flaps and motion feedback to give you a taste of flying like a bird. Birdly includes a fan in front of the user that regulates the speed of the headwind based on how fast you’re flying.
Magic Bench
Magic Bench allows for a group to share the same augmented environment with any computer-generated graphics and interact in a shared story sequence through a third-person POV. It’s a combined augmented and mixed reality experience. But, what makes this experience interesting is that it does not involve wearing a head-mounted display (HMD) or using a handheld device. Instead, the surroundings are instrumented rather than the individual, allowing people to share the magical experience as a group.
Osso VR
Osso VR is a virtual reality application that uses the Oculus Rift to simulate device procedures and try to replace the current methods. As stated in the video, it’s common for an orthopaedic surgeon to go to a training seminar where demoes are provided by the device manufacturers and the surgeons get to use the device on a cadaver. Then, if the surgeon likes it, the next time they’ll interact with the device will usually be in surgery 4-6 months down the line. By having a VR environment, a surgeon would not only be able to cut out the 2 day seminar to try out the device, as the training would be available to them with the software, but it would also allow them to repeat the procedure many times to help them overcome the learning curve of the complicated procedure.
Note: Software
Sketch AR | Art with Mixed Reality
SketchAR is an application that applied Augmented Reality to create art works in real world. When the user is using the device, he will be able to draw images, just like tracing. The image outline is projected on the selected space, which will be used as the canvas. This app is a very simple but effective usage of augmented reality. While this can be used as a fun application, it can also help people to create high quality copies of existing art and also reproduce them easily on a massive scale. This application is also available for other platforms such as iOS, Android, etc. But among all these, Hololens seems to be the most suitable place to use this app.
Note: Software
Vive Tracker
BraveMind VR
VR Teleoperation
Mira Prism AR Headset
Tribemix Virtual Reality for Dementia Care
Hyperbolic Space in Virtual (Un)reality
Snapchat Spectacles
ImmersiveTouch: The Future of Surgical Planning and Training
Aero glass:
Gloveone: Feel Virtual Reality
Neurable: control VR with your mind
Why Virtual Reality Could Help Treat Alzheimer's and Chronic Pain
Facial Performance Sensing Head-Mounted Display (SIGGRAPH 2015)
Note: Research paper
High-Fidelity Facial and Speech Animation for VR HMDs (SIGGRAPH Asia 2016)
Note: Research paper
FINEXUS finger tracking in VR (CHI '16)
Note: Research paper
Leap Motion
Varjo: The Resolution Revolution is on
Google Tango
Google ARCore
"The Google ARCore is the answer to Apple's ARKit"

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